Published the Latest Research Results

Release Date: 2021-07-14
Source: UPRISE 3D

Materials are the material basis of human production and life. The emergence of new materials continuously promotes industrial reform and helps the public to pursue a better life. In order to exchange and share new achievements in the field of material research, and to promote the status and role of new materials in China's national economic and social development. "China Materials Conference" is the most important series of meetings of China Materials Research Society, which is held once a year. The 2021 China Materials Conference was successfully held in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center, a beautiful "Egret Island", from July 8 to 12. The number of participants in this year's materials conference reached a new high, with a total of more than 12000 people, it can be called a grand event in the material industry after the 2020 epidemic.

Published the research results of PEP technology in the field of refractory metals

UPRISE 3D takes this opportunity to focus on introducing the latest research results of PEP technology in the field of refractory metals-using PEP technology to print high-performance and high-specific gravity tungsten alloy to solve the problem of difficult forming of refractory metals. High specific gravity tungsten alloy is widely used in aerospace, national defense and military, nuclear industry and civil industry, etc., because of its excellent performance, high density, high strength, good ductility, strong radiation absorption capacity, good toughness and low coefficient of thermal expansion. Such as gyroscope rotor in satellite navigation system, counterweight and aircraft, shock absorption materials on conventional military weapons, thermonuclear fusion test materials and so on. However, at present, there are insurmountable shortcomings for the production of complex parts: low efficiency, long processing time, even unable to process, etc. PEP technology can help overcome the above difficulties. The research results were jointly completed by UPRISE 3D, Tianjin University School of Materials and powder Metallurgy Research Institute of Central South University. The related results were titled The preparation of high-performance 96W-2.7Ni-1.3Fe alloy parts by powder extrusion 3D printing and published on Materials Science & Engineering A.

Published the research results of PEP technology in the field of refractory metals