the 2021 Spring Roadshow Day of Miracleplus

Release Date: 2021-06-07
Source: UPRISE 3D

On June 6th, the 2021 spring roadshow day of Miracleplus was successfully held in Zhongguancun, Beijing. 33 early companies participated in the roadshow, and 100% of them were technology-driven enterprises. UPRISE 3D indirect metal/ceramic 3D printing project is one of them, focuses on introducing to experts and investors the company's indirect metal/ceramic 3D printing technology for large-scale production, operation pattern, goals and prospects, etc., to provide solutions for the next generation of product design and manufacturing.

the 2021 Spring Roadshow Day of Qiji Chuangtan

In fact, as early as the spring of 2021, UPRISE 3D successfully obtained the strategic investment of Miracleplus. The members of the founding team also joined the three-month Miracleplus entrepreneurship camp, and got great help from Dr. Lu Qi's words and deeds and effective guidance from his team.

the 2021 Spring Roadshow Day of Qiji Chuangtan